Max. output drive speed: 1000 rpm, Maintenance-free for 1 million full load cycles, Suitable for safety-critical tightening jobsin accordance with VDI/VDE 2862, With integrated measurement transducer, Working range 1-220 Nm, Right-angle nutrunner with sli / Material Number:0608841204


Material #0608841204

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Weight 1.3kg
Code ESA005S-G
Productgroup ID 3
Working range (max.) 5Nm
Working range (min) 1Nm
Order number 0608841204
Installation length 382mm
Maximum drive speed (1/min) 1000min⁻¹
Tool mount 1/4" square
Weight 2kg
  • Working range 1-220 Nm
  • Max. output drive speed: 1000 rpm
  • Right-angle nutrunner with slim angle head for high accessibility
  • Angle head has a non-interchangeable code and canbe turned and locked in 15-degree steps
  • Integraded LEDs visible all around
  • Maintenance-free for 1 million full load cycles
  • Suitable for safety-critical tightening jobsin accordance with VDI/VDE 2862
  • With integrated measurement transducer

Max. output drive speed: 1000 rpm, Maintenance free for 1 million full load cycles, Suitable for safety critical tightening jobsin accordance with VDI/VDE 2862, With integrated measurement transducer, Working range 1 220 Nm, Right angle nutrunner with sli


Order no.


1x license


Angle compensation functionality for ErgoSpin nutrunners


All new ErgoSpin handheld nutrunners now come with built in motion sensors. Thanks to these sensors, it is possible to use the new true angle compensation function. The use of this function requires the purchase of a license stick.


In the automotive assembly we see an increase of tightening applications using angle controlled processes. The use of angle controlled tightening processes provide the advantage of reducing the impact of many friction factors on the clamp force. In applications involving hand tools the movement of the tool by the worker (e.g. torque reaction) is influencing the angle value at the tightening joint, thereby influencing the results for the angle values with angle as a target function in the parameter settings. This movement of the tool has a negative influence on the clamp force result on the joint.


The new ErgoSpin hand tools from Rexroth utilize multi axis sensors from the Bosch Sensortec GmbH, which continuously measure the movement of the tool by the worker. With the help of this measurement, the influence of the tool movement on the angle result can be then be compensated. The installation or the use of additional supports structures or handles on hand tools can be eliminated in many cases.


The angle compensation function is available in combination with the Rexroth Tightening System 350 version V2.500 onwards and requires the hardware version 02.xx.xx or higher in the controller. To check the hardware version of your controller go online via the BS350 → System Test → Tightening Channel Info → CPU card rev. This CPU was integrated into the controllers in the middle of 2012. Activating the angle compensation function requires a license, which is available as a license stick. Each license stick contains exactly one license for one tightening channel. The license comes with a one-time fee and is paid for by the purchase of the license stick. The stick works with all new ErgoSpin models (as indicated by the part numbers 0 608 841 2xx). The license stick muss be plugged into the corresponding control unit for the function to be executed.


Free demo period

The angle compensation function can be tested for a maximum period of 30 days without licensing. Activation is only possible once for each channel on each controller.


Free replacement period

In the case a licensing stick should malfunction (e.g. cannot be read), a period of 10 days is available to obtain a replacement stick, without loss of functionality.

Work area

Max. output speed

Tool mount


Installation length


Order no.

1 … 5 Nm 1000 rpm 1/4" square 1.3 kg 382 mm ESA005S-G 0608841204
2.6 … 13 Nm ESA013S-G 0608841205
6 … 30 Nm 800 rpm 3/8" square 1.6 kg 416 mm ESA030S-G 0608841206
8 … 40 Nm 1000 rpm 1.7 kg 434 mm ESA040S-G 0608841207
11 … 56 Nm 710 rpm 1.9 kg 446 mm ESA056S-G 0608841208
13 … 65 Nm 610 rpm 1/2" square 448 mm ESA065S-G 0608841209
15 … 75 Nm 530 rpm 2 kg 450 mm ESA075S-G 0608841210
20 … 100 Nm 630 rpm 3.1 kg 492 mm ESA100S-G 0608841211
30 … 150 Nm 380 rpm 3.8 kg 531 mm ESA150S-G 0608841212
44 … 220 Nm 260 rpm 3/4" square with centering pins 4 kg 541 mm ESA220S-G 0608841213

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